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Bridal Boutique of Arizona

Bridal Boutique of Arizona - Phoenix AZ

The Scope

Bridal Boutique of Arizona was looking to increase branding, appointments, and overall sales.  We delivered a new interactive web experience showcasing the uniqueness of this bridal boutique complete with a shopping catalog of 300+ dresses.  In addition, we also put together video production to push on all social channels to acquire brand awareness.

  • Client: Bridal Boutique of Arizona
  • Date: May 2017
  • Website:
  • Services: Web Development, Strategy, Social Presence, Video Production


Social Media & Digital Branding

Being less than a year old in the Phoenix market, BBAZ was looking to establish their brand and distinguish itself as a premier bridal boutique. We focused showcasing the shopper experience, selection and brand awareness through social media organic and paid ads.


Video Production

In order to more effectively engage each audience we developed a series of videos to showcase the uniqueness of the shopping experience at Bridal Boutique of Arizona.


New Website Redesign

After discussing a clear strategy to achieve the goals of BBAZ (Bridal Boutique of Arizona), measuring current web traffic numbers, and analyzing their current website we concluded a new website was needed to increase web traffic and conversions.  The major goal of the new design was to retain web visitors for a longer period of time thus increasing the chances of converting into a potential customer. In order to do this we added valuable content as well as a full shopping catalog that was easy to navigate and showcase their products effectively.